Level 1 Fire Training
Level 1 Fire Training
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The Purpose of Training:

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, the Regulation on Emergency Situations at Workplaces and the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire, all or sufficient number of personnel working in enterprises are required to be compulsory. Giving the necessary special fire trainings.


Who Can Attend the Training:

Occupational Safety Specialists, Workplace Physicians, Employers, Fire Safety Technicians , Fire Safety Company employees, Security, Technical Managers of Businesses, those who have or continue to do a Master's degree in Occupational Safety and Health, anyone who has the competence to provide general fire training.


Training Content:

* Combustion, Fire Knowledge and Types of Fire

* Structure and Components of Fire

* Classification and Technical Specifications of Fire Extinguishers

* Use of Fire Detection, Warning, Extinguishing and Evacuation Systems

* Detection of Risks That May Cause Fire

* Types of Fire Extinguishing

* Effective Methods in Fire Fighting

* Fire Fighting Equipment

* Personal Protective Equipment

* Adult Characteristics and Adult Education, Communication Skills, Effective Teaching Method and Techniques, Presentation Techniques

* Related Legislation

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